Safflower Dye


Primarily a deep yellow color. 2oz. bags.



Safflower is derived from an annual thistle. Through manipulation of the pH and multiple applications of fiber you can get yellows, and pink.

To get yellow, soak the petals in cold water for an hour, before filtering. Repeat this process 3 times to extract most of the yellow dye. Combine the rinses and add your fiber. Simmer for 45 minutes. To get pink, you need to continue rinsing the petals in cold water until no more yellow is extracted. This can take quite a few rinses.

To get pink then soak the petals in water that has been adjusted to pH 11 with soda ash. A pH above 11 will ruin the dye so use pH paper to get a precise measurement. After soaking for an hour remove the petals and convert the pH to 6 with the addition of vinegar. You can only dye fibers that do not need heat, since the dye is very sensitive to heat. Add your unmordanted fibers and let sit overnight. The pink color is quite fugitive.

Sold in 2 ounce bags.




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