Purpleheart Dye


A gray dye. 4oz. bags.



Purpleheart wood chips are a direct result of our woodworking and are collected during processing.

A gray to light purple color can be extracted from the chips with alcohol. Both isopropanol and ethanol work well. Soak the wood chips overnight in the alcohol, then filter the dye liquid. Dilute the alcohol with water and gently heat with your mordanted fiber. Remember you are heating alcohol which will boil at a lower temperature than water and is flammable. Heating outdoors, or in a water bath is safest. The purple color is not especially light fast, and the liquid should be protected from direct sunlight during dyeing. When you first remove the fiber from the dye bath it may be beige, but will turn color when exposed to direct sunlight.

Sold in 4 ounce bags.


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